A Crystal City

Hi guys,

In art this term we have been creating our own crystal city. Inspired by Lina (a character from a book we have read) she quoted, ‘In my mind, I see another city. The buildings are tall and sort of sparkle. I know it’s just my imagination, but it feels real. I think it is real.’

My image is inspired by Sydney Luna Park, if you don’t know what Luna park is than the best way I could describe it is Crazy, Fun and Awesome. It is basically  really cool adventure park. I included the wild mouse, the ferris wheel and cony island. I used watercolours to create an ombre sunset with sparkles. In the image it is hard to see the sparkles so just imagine that they are there. This was a very fun artwork and the task was a great idea.

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One thought on “A Crystal City

  1. Wow Imi,
    That looks and sounds really creative. It looks like you put a lot of effort into your artwork. Thanks for putting a picture of your artwork up, it is amazing.


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