Passion Project~ Week 3

Hi guys,

We have now almost finished week 3! So far I have studied cosmetology and I have received my mannequin head. I found out so much about cosmetology after researching. Of course I will keep researching it but I am making really good progress. I am now learning how to do different hairstyles on my mannequin head.

My feelings about this project is that it is a challenging task but a fun one. Learning a new skill of cosmetology is really good for me, especially since I want to be a designer when I grow up. One thing I have learnt so far is that fashion is nothing without hair and make-up. Clothing is the main idea but without styled hair and make up done it does not complete the look.

Below is a picture of the mannequin head and the skills table.

So far this has been a really great project and I am so excited for the end product!

Keeping you posted


Skills How to do different styles and looks.


Materials Mannequin head, brush, make up set, model, face cleanser.
Resources Lady who works in the fashion industry. She has just been to Paris so she has told me what style is next in fashion.
Information How to do a finger wave in hair. How to achieve a retro look without going crazy.



4 thoughts on “Passion Project~ Week 3

  1. This sounds challenging, but fun. I think that you will do great at this topic.
    Good Luck!

  2. Wow! This is a fancy mannequin head. I look forward to seeing you designs. Well done for reflecting so deeply on the process. Your detailed writing really shows your reflecting on this process. Mrs S

  3. Hi Imi,
    Your Passion Project sounds like a lot of fun and it looks like you are really enjoying what you are doing. You are doing something original and creative which makes your blog posts really interesting.


  4. Hi Imi,
    I am looking forward to seeing the final hair-styles and make-up product on the mannequin head. I love how you have chosen something that you are really passionate about (styles) but also learning a new part of it.

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