Passion Project~ Week 7



The Passion Project this term was a great way to encourage my peers and I to extend our learning. Not only did we learn new facts and skills, we each got the opportunity to show resilience against the challenges. It was a difficult task but a fun one! The idea of writing a blog post each week was great, I loved being able to reflect on my week and how far my progress was going. The opening morning was a huge success. Although I din’t get to show too much of my work, due to limited time, I still had fun!


🎀 Filming

💄 Schedule set backs

🎀 Learning new styles

💄 Applying foundation and eyeliner

🎀 Making tutorial videos


🤗 Making the Smoothies; It was so much fun mixing together different foods and being able to make up a new smoothie

🤗 Doing the makeup; Having Lauren there as my model was so much fun

🤗Receiving the mannequin head; when I first saw the mannequin head the first thing I thought was ‘her hair is so orange’ but I soon found that her hair was very nice

One thing I would change:

If there was one thing I would change about the Passion Project I would ask for more time to present the work. Because the parents and junior school wanted to see everyone’s project I was not able to show them my main iMovies and work. I felt as if I needed to squish so much into a limited amount of time.

Overall The Passion Project was so much fun and it was a great experience.  The Passion Project has inspired me to start my own business of makeup.



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